July 10, 2012
Technical meeting on air pollution monitoring and management: 10 July 2012 at Gefinor Rotana – Beirut, Lebanon

Fifty four (54) participants attended the Air Quality consultation meeting held on 11 July 2012 at Gefinor Rotana – Beirut, Lebanon.  The participants from the different concerned ministries and other local stakeholders (CDR, Tripoli Environment and Development Observatory, consultancies, cement factories, and academic sector) met to discuss the project output and potential opportunities for collaboration.  The technical meeting had the following objectives:

  • Review and share with relevant stakeholders the preliminary findings of the projects;
  • Collect recommendations and additional data and information from experts to finalize the outputs;
  • Engage relevant stakeholders in future activities and data collection, if needed.


The consultation session followed a 2-phase approach whereby the consultants, a team from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and from the University Saint Joseph (USJ) circulated in a first phase their draft reports to the invitees in preparation for the meeting.  During the meeting, the consultants presented their outcomes and addressed questions from the pool of technical experts.  The participants presented the project team with a list of comments and recommendations to address in the final deliverables. 

The meeting was also a platform to discuss the following points:

  • Objectives of the MoE in terms of air quality monitoring and accordingly the suitable type of monitoring equipment
  • Collaboration with the different stakeholders to facilitate data collection
  • Collaboration with the private sector on the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the Air Quality Monitoring Network (AQMN)
  • Criteria for the prioritization of identified hotspots


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